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Terragrams is a podcast series providing a wide portal into the world of landscape architecture by the professionals who shape it. Running from 2006 to 2012, the podcast dispatched over 30 interviews. It is now being re-edited and re-broadcast. Learn more about Terragrams.

Dispatch 23: Gabriele Kiefer

First published 28th Sep, 2008

Republished 21st Mar, 2022

Gabriele Kiefer founded Büro Kiefer, a landscape architecture studio founded in Berlin in 1989. Ms. Kiefer studied landscape planning at Berlin Technical University before working as a research assistant and, in 2002, being appointed as a Professor. Her studio has made work all over Germany and throughout much of Europe. She was a finalist in Barcelona's 5th Biennal of landscape architecture for a project on the outskirts of Switzerland. She has lectured world-wide and participates regularly as a jury member to competitions.

In Dispatch 23, Ms. Kiefer discusses her Opfiker Park in Zurich, her major influences, her teaching, former industrial sites, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Introducing Gabriele

Ch. 1


Berlin's History

Ch. 4


Logics & Influences

Ch. 6



Ch. 8


Exhibiting Landscape Architecture

Ch. 9


The Biennal

Ch. 10


Future Works

Ch. 11