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Terragrams is a podcast series providing a wide portal into the world of landscape architecture by the professionals who shape it. Running from 2006 to 2012, the podcast dispatched over 30 interviews. It is now being re-edited and re-broadcast. Learn more about Terragrams.

Dispatch 4: Jane Amidon

First published 15th Mar, 2006

Republished 20th Nov, 2020

Jane Amidon is an Assistant Professor and Section Head of the Landscape Architecture Section of the Knowlton School of Architecture at the Ohio State University as well as the principal of Amidon Design Communication in Columbus, Ohio. She is also the editor for the first four Source Books in Landscape Architecture as well as the author of Dan Kiley's monograph, The Complete Works of America's Master Landscape Architect, and Radical Landscapes: Reinventing Outdoor Space. Here she talks about books and her role as a practitioner and professor.

Introducing Jane and her Books

Ch. 1


Connecting Books and Seminars

Ch. 2


Process in Source Books vs Monographs

Ch. 5


Dan Kiley and his Practice

Ch. 7


Dan Kiley and his Monograph

Ch. 8


Innovation and Teaching

Ch. 10


Timelines and Gripes

Ch. 11