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Terragrams is a podcast series providing a wide portal into the world of landscape architecture by the professionals who shape it. Running from 2006 to 2012, the podcast dispatched over 30 interviews. It is now being re-edited and re-broadcast. Learn more about Terragrams.

Dispatch 2: Bet Figueras

First published 14th Feb, 2006

Republished 30th Oct, 2020

Bet Figueras was the principal of her own practice — Arquitecta Paisajista — in Barcelona, Spain as well as a Professor of Landscape Architecture in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. She passed away, due to cancer, in 2010.

In this episode she spoke about Barcelona, her role in public space-making in the region, her growth as a designer, and her collaboration for the Barcelona’s Botanical Gardens project.

Introducing Bet and Barcelona

Ch. 1


Berkeley and protest

Ch. 2


Edinburgh, the gestalt, and form

Ch. 3


Models of Public Space Design

Ch. 5


Independent Practice & The Emergence of LA in Spain

Ch. 6


Design Process, Innovation, and Invisibility

Ch. 12


Getting Involved in Teaching

Ch. 14


Landscape Architecture as a Program and a Discipline

Ch. 15


The Role of the LA in Teams

Ch. 16


Key Future Projects for Barcelona

Ch. 17


The Fòrum's Revitalisation

Ch. 18


The Forum area, image from Google Earth

Future Directions in Teaching and Practice

Ch. 20